This is a handmade basket, made by Lydia in Uganda. She used banana fibers and up to 33.000 stitches to create a unique, durable product.

Lydia is 18 years old and lives in Kampala. Her children are 7 and 3 years old. Before she made baskets, she sold corn and porridge on the streets at night. Now, due to a curfew in Uganda, she cannot work at night, so she can't make a living as she used to. With the sale of this basket, she will be able to pay for an entire month of her family's food or rent. 

04 - Lydia's handmade Basket

  • Each basket takes about 10 days to make and each girl is making 4 baskets a month. So, they will not be ready to ship from Uganda until around September.

    We will ship the baskets to Germany in bulk and won't charge the customer for that. Shipping costs will be counted from Germany to the final destination. We don't know exactly what the shipping cost will be but we are guessing around $10 (9€)