Pad Project

Why Pads?

Though most kids start school in Uganda, many are likely to drop out starting at around age 13. There are many factors, but for girls, dropout is disproportionately linked to their menstruation:

around 30% of the girls

drop out of school because they lack access to feminine hygiene products.

Pads are available in Uganda, but for many, they are too expensive. 

Also, menstruation is considered a shameful subject, so it is not addressed well.

Many girls are teased by other students. Some miss 3-5 days a month. They are at risk to drop out, and to be married as child brides.

But even if the girls do remain in 

school, the risk for teen pregnancy and dropout remains: some girls will go so far as to prostitute themselves in exchange for sanitary pads. 

Washable Sanitary Pads: A Chance for a New Life:

  • Long-term hygiene:
    A pad can last up to 4 years

  • Stay in School:
    With pads, a girl won't miss as many days


  • Social Life:
    Less shame, more time to meet their friends


  • Local Jobs:
    Our women in the Suubi sewing workshop sew the pads for a salary

This is what we do:


1. Some of our women make the pads, while others make soap

2. We put together kits: Each kit consists of five pads, one bar of soap, and a bag. 


3. We take the pads to an impoverished school 

4. We hand out the pads and explain to the girls how to use them.

This is how you can support us!

One kit costs us 6,50 Euros 7.50 USD to produce. 

Sponsor our pad kits by making a donation to this cause. Simply add the Subject "Pads" to your subject line. Thank you!

Donations from Germany are eligible for a tax receipt. Donations from the US or other countries must check to see if they can get a tax receipt from a German organization. 

Impressions from the Pad Project