Ways to Help

We can't do everything on our own, nor do we want to.
We appreciate support from people like you, one way or the other.
And here are some of those ways.

Order our Bags

The sewing group is now making the cutest shopping bags that zip up into a heart. We ordered their bags for the European MOPS conference March 29-30 2019 in Heidelberg, Germany.They are also very willing to sew conference bags for you.  They can sew bags in any shape or size.  Are you looking for special welcome bags, conference bags, diaper bags etc. sewn by our teen moms?  Visit our Contact Page and send your request!

Sponsor a child's education

We now give scholarships to the children of our women.  Each term (of 3) costs €140 for one child. We have at present 3 more children who need scholarships. 
Contact us for more information. Thank you!

Sponsor a mom's education

We have 10 moms who want to learn sewing. We are running a 6-month short course and we need people to sponsor them during this time. It's €60 a month per scholarship. 
This pays for a woman's food and housing, so she can focus on going to school and doesn't need to work.
Contact us for more information. Thank you!

Give us a Goat or a Sewing Machine

We are going to start raising goats for meat. Goats grow and reproduce fast, and their meat is very popular in Uganda. The profits will help Suubi become self-sustaining long term.  A goat costs $50. 
If you want to donate towards a goat,  please contact us.  Thank you.


Water Project

Suubi Teen MOPS and Hoffnung für Uganda e.V. are non-profit Christian organizations which offer practical education and sustainable infrastructure solutions for teen moms.  An integral part of our infrastructure is the design, building, and implementation a safe water, sanitation, and hygiene (W.A.S.H Project) solution for people in our program and the immediate surrounding areas.  To help support our water project visit our donation page, https://www.teenmopsuganda.com/support-us. When donating please write “water project” so we can appropriately designate the funds.  

Larger Grants

We would like to give washable sanitary pads to girls in rural schools. In Uganda, 30% of the girls drop out of school, and as many as 60% miss school every month - because they cannot afford sanitary pads when they get their periods. We would really like to help meet this need. We need someone to give us a grant of $15,000 to sew washable pads for 6000 school girls in rural Uganda. With this grant we would pay our teen moms a monthly salary. They would sew pads and give them in kits to each girl, along with instructions on how to use them. At $15000, You would be buying 36000 washable sanitary pads to help keep 6000 girls in school.  And you would be employing 8 teenage mothers for 12 months. We have already done a pad project for 300 girls.  You can read that blog post here.
Contact us if you want to participate in the pad project. Thank you!
Email: suubiteenmopsministries@gmail.com
Phone: +256 775 880 707