Child Sponsorship

The Thing about Education . . .

School is not free in Uganda. And though the fees seem low to some people, to a low-income family, they are oftentimes not affordable.


Our main focus is to educate and empower teenage mothers. However, even when the women work in jobs with a reasonable income, they will still struggle to pay for their children's education. We cannot expect the family to break the poverty cycle without thinking about the kids. So...

We have a child sponsorship program, specifically for the kids of our teen mothers. 

Fast Facts:


Cost: 35 Euros a Month:
The sponsor makes a regular donation until the child has graduated from secondary school (grade 12).

The Money pays for:
School fees, uniforms, books, pencils, and other necessary materials. 100% of your donation goes to the kid, none of it is kept for administration or other costs related to Suubi Teen MOPS.


Frees up the Family:
With school fees paid, the parents have the freedom to pay for other expenses, such as clothes, rent, better food, or toys. This takes an enormous burden off of the family. 


Social Life:
An education, which gives the kids access to an improved social standing. They can interact with their culture and learn to interact with other cultures, by learning English or Geography, etc. Also, the risk for a later involvement with crime is reduced.


A Big Future:
Our women are, for the most part, uneducated. Their job opportunities are limited. However, if their kids are in school, they have a chance to graduate from secondary school, or even go to university. They will speak English, have a larger understanding of science and culture, have access to higher-paying jobs than their parents. Some of these kids may even use their new positions to transform their country. 

Here's How it Works:


1. Take a Picture! 
We need a picture of yourself/the people who will sponsor a child.

2. Send an Email!
We would like to know your name(s), some basic info about you, and to have your picture (send to one of the addresses, links below)

3. Get assigned 
We show your picture and information to the kids. And they get to choose their sponsor.

World Vision has a similar Process. See what it looks like right here:

Once you have your sponsor child . . .


4. Get Connected!
We will send you a picture of your sponsor child, holding your picture, along with some information about them and their sponsorship number.
Congratulations, this is your sponsor kid, now! Through Suubi Teen MOPS, you can now send them letters, pictures, or money for a gift. 


5. Start your Payment: 
Send 35 €/Month or 420€ /Year to:

Hoffnung fuer Uganda

IBAN: DE 14 6001 0070 0966 1517 02  


Add "School Fees" and your child's number to the subject line. 
(Example: "School Fees 005") This makes it easy for us to account for the money.

Sponsors in Germany are eligible for a tax receipt. International donors will have to find out whether they are able to receive a tax receipt from a German organization.
For other payment methods, see our
Donations page.

Ready? Send us a Message at: